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We provide new ideas and better solutions that help you have more money and more income in retirement. Instead of a pile of statements, we provide your "True Retirement Plan."


At True Life Wealth Management, we tell you the truth. We design your “True Retirement Plan” and quickly show you how we can potentially solve such problems as not having enough income in retirement, not getting the most out of your investments, or paying more taxes than you might need to.

The True Retirement Plan

Your True Retirement Plan that we deliver to you first tells you the truth about what you have, and quickly and clearly shows you how to achieve better results, if possible. It puts all the parts of the entire plan in one piece for you to easily understand. Everything below is included.

Social Security Strategy

This is the complete analysis of all your Social Security claiming options. We figure out the best time for you to take Social Security unique to your situation. You will know exactly if you’re able to delay your Social Security and how much money and tax you could potentially save by doing so.

Growth & Loss Plan

Largely, being True to yourself and your money is to know exactly how much growth potential you want to have with your money and also how much loss potential. This defines that blend and is an actual plan for your investing for the future. You’ll have full understanding of what growth expectations you have and why, and what protections you have also.

Retirement Income Analysis

This is a complete analysis of your unique financial situation to determine what kind of retirement income you need. There are different types of retirement income plans (bucket, tiered, static) and this provides the right income plan for your specific needs in retirement. This plan illuminates where your income will come from, how, when and why.

Tax Efficient Strategy

In addition to potentially saving taxes with your unique Social Security strategy, this plan uncovers other areas of potential tax savings. We determine if Roth conversions, sequential income strategies or life insurance policy loans could enhance significant tax savings for your retirement plan.

Written Income Ledger

This is the actual written ledger of your retirement income. This custom ledger is what actually shows you all your income sources for the rest of your life. Often, there are different income sources that begin or end in different years in the future; this plan accounts for all with ease of understanding.

Wealth Management

This part of the plan is the management of your invested money in all accounts unique to you per your Income Analysis, Growth & Loss Plan, and Tax Strategy. This shows where every dollar is invested and why, while factoring in growth expectations you have with potential safeguards in place unique to your needs.

Long-Term Care Plan

A large part of being True to ourselves and every aspect of retirement is facing the potential need for long-term care (LTC). This is your LTC plan, whether your desired plan is to self-pay, purchase LTC coverage or incorporate hybrid alternatives such as annuity income-doublers or life insurance with LTC riders.

Strategic Partner in Estate Planning

With an estate planning attorney on retainer, this is the complete analysis of all your legal documents; wills, trusts, POA and health care surrogate. Estate plan updates and/or new documents unique to your situation are provided at efficient client pricing with the attorney on retainer and summarized in this plan.

Legacy Plan

Being True to yourself and your money also means defining what your money does when you pass away. Adult children, grandchildren, charity; will they get whatever is left, or a set planned-for amount? This plan defines your personal legacy goals and implements the correct strategy per your unique situation.

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